The Academic Conference hosts students and faculty at all levels of higher education. Participants include community college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, advisors, and deans. This conference aims to provide participants with the necessary resources and networking opportunities to discover best-practices, find career opportunities, discover funding resources, and address the disparity of Hispanics earning STEM degrees and entering the STEM workforce. Each of our five unique tracks is tailored to address the particular needs of its respective audience as well as highlight innovative teaching and learning.

Community College Track

We are thrilled to introduce the Community College Track. SHPE recognizes that community college needs are unique. Participants will be provided with informational resources specific to community college participants. TheRoadmap to the Successful Transfer session will empower students to persist in a STEM degree and successfully transfer to a 4-year university by providing them with a tangible tactical plan and timeline for the transfer process. In another session, participants will walk away with strategies on how to Make the Most of Your Community College Experience where they are able to identify opportunities and resources within their universities, their communities, and their SHPE familia.

We are delighted to be able to highlight our progressive work with the 50K Coalition to graduate 50 thousand diverse engineering students annually by 2025. Since our last convention, SHPE has played an important role in the Community College Action Network Group. The work focuses on increasing students who are emotionally, socially, and academically prepared to enter into and successfully complete engineering degree programs with necessary supports and are representative of the diversity of the U.S. population.

Undergraduate Track

The Undergraduate Track provides participants with hands-on learning experiences to help prepare them for a successful transition into the STEM workforce. The track will be organized into innovative, interactive sessions that will deepen the undergraduate’s knowledge and understanding of STEM.

Participants are offered sessions in key leadership, technical skills, professional career development, cultural awareness, academic excellence, and SHPE chapter development that will serve as the foundation for launching their careers. In addition, there will be opportunities to develop and increase interpersonal skills and competencies through engaging professional development.

Graduate Track

The Graduate Track, which is divided into three sub-tracks including Undergraduate, Graduate Academia, and Graduate Industry, ensures that current and incoming graduate students are made aware of the vast array of industry and research opportunities. Sessions include effective research techniques, grant writing tips, and enhancing presentation skills. Participants have multiple opportunities to network in order to find postdoctoral positions and learn about funding opportunities to support their research. We are excited to have the National GEM Consortium join us to promote the participation and successful graduation of underrepresented minorities at the graduate level in science and engineering. The Conference includes the Distinguished Lecture Series, and the Graduate Writing Review RoomDownload Graduate Track schedule.

Academia Track

For postdoctoral scholars, non-tenured faculty, faculty advisors and deans, the Academia Track is designed to support members’ academic journeys and ensure their successful completion of STEM degrees. Participants gain valuable exposure as they build networks across the universities to share best-practices and innovative resources as well as discover new job opportunities.

Advisors Track

The academic advisor plays a critical role in supporting Hispanic STEM students. This track focuses on developing mentoring skills, empowering advisors’ career development goals, and improving advisor-student interaction. One of the biggest challenges our members face is the lack of collaboration and effective communication between students and their advisors. The Advisor Engagement session helps to close gaps and barriers that exist between advisors and students to help build stronger relationships.

This track includes the Career Development session which will bring valuable topics that aid in the career development goals of advisors and career paths for both faculty and institutional advisors. The Advisor Roundtable session allows advisors to share best-practices and current research to enhance their instructional practices.

We will also be sharing the highlights of our progressive work with the 50K Coalition to graduate 50,000 diverse engineering students annually by 2025 in the Advisors Track.

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